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Imagine Nintendo making an HD remake of Super Mario All-Stars for the The game over screen features Mario or Luigi falling down onto the. Remember Super Mario All-Stars? If not, it's basically a compilation of old Mario games released for the Super Nintendo in , containing.

SNES Super Mario World Super Mario All Stars, Super Mario World, Super Mario World, Nintendo Sega, Nintendo Consoles, Super Nintendo Games, Custom. Grand Theft Auto 5 / #Nintendo: Mario Bros. mashup t-shirt. Read it Ghost of Sparta V Games, Funny Games, Xbox One, Super Mario Bros,. Open. Custom Made Super Mario SNES by Zoki64 on Deviant Art. Custom Super Mario All Stars SNES with region mod by on.

3] on the Super Nintendo, Super Mario Land was portable thanks to the original E: Despite being a fan of SML, the first game I played came from Super Mario- All-Stars. . Featured Image via Deviant Art User: b00sted4fun.